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Prenatal/Postpartum Care and Education

Feeling Mom's Tummy

Reproductive health services for women, with a focus on prenatal and postpartum care and education for women in underserved communities. This program is led by Catherine Apicella, PT, PRPC.

Patients in this program will be provided pelvic floor physical therapy, nutrition assistance, pregnancy support services, and holistic pain management.

Other conditions we can help with

Any woman can benefit from a deeper understanding of their body. The following conditions are especially in need of these therapies:

  • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)/Vaginismus

  • Bladder dysfunction (pain, urgency, frequency, straining, incomplete emptying)

  • Constipation

  • Pelvic pain

  • Back pain

  • Diastasis rectus abdominis

  • Pelvic organ prolapse (cystocele, rectocele, uterine prolapse)

Why focus on women's health?

Women are more likely to have autoimmune illnesses, less likely to take care of themselves, and have specific needs for prenatal and postpartum care. There are also significant disparities with access and outcomes for minorities and low-income communities, and that gap needs to be closed. 

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