About Breathe & Blossom

Concierge physical therapy with a portion of service fees going directly to our cause

  • Do you leak urine or feel vaginal/pelvic pressure when you exercise?

  • Are you pregnant or postpartum and experiencing back, hip, or pelvic pain, or would you like to learn how to safely strengthen your core?

  • Have you heard the term "pelvic floor" and wondered what the heck that means? 

  • Would you like to experience a deeper relationship with your body, and learn to move with greater ease?


Our cofounder, Catherine, is here to help. Breathe and Blossom provides in-home physical therapy services, women's health workshops, and mindful movement and meditation classes.

One of the driving forces behind Breathe and Blossom was Catherine's desire to help people from all walks of life.  To help accomplish that goal, a portion of all service fees go directly to fund Breathe & Blossom Together.